Jason Stein interviews Lynn Calder (Ineos Automotive CEO)

A very positive interview by Jason Stein who had researched his subject exceptionally well and extracted from Lynn Calder some very interesting information. She came over as an intelligent and knowledgeable CEO. When asked direct questions she answered them well and admitted the product was slower to market in 2023 than she would have liked.

She also, gave a very good overview of her background and information on how Ineos has developed from a chemical company, into consumer products.

She also revealed that there are three other products from Ineos Automotive in the pipeline after Grenadier and Quartermaster.

Unsure, what they all are, but I did extract the following:

  • “Special” variants of the Grenadier will be developed for market in 2024.
  • A smaller EV Grenadier is in development and will be ready for launch in 2026.
  • Development of the Hydrogen powered Grenadier is ongoing, but Ineos Automotive are acutely aware of the lack of charging points world wide.

If you have the time, it is worth spending 50 minutes of your time watching.