Footwell Intrusion on RHD drive vehicles.

On Right Hand Drive cars with no carpets this is definitely an exaggerated problem that is being reported by most reviewers. I am awaiting some footwell mats which will reduce the problem

If you examine the photographs you can see a hump, but beneath the floor liner, the hump is quite small and clearly not as defined as you would think. Obviously, the designers researched human body shapes and thought it acceptable to enlarge it with trim, I guess it’s just me who finds it uncomfortable.

I am sure with a simple redesign of the footwell material it would make the vehicle more comfortable for all, if Ineos could be persuaded. I personally, find the position a little uncomfortable at the moment, although I am aware others do find it satisfactory. If I move my calf to an upright position it interferes with the seat adjuster, when I try to avoid the foot rest.

Here is a picture of the footwell liner and the built up platform (highlighted) that if reduced would be more comfortable for RHD cars. A more conformal design would not only be more comfortable, but would look better.