DTP Connectors (Deutsche Plug)

The 25 amp Deutsch plugs used in the Grenadier are two pin DTP style plugs, with size 12 pins rated at 25 amps (14-12AGW wire size).

The Deutsche DTP are only found on the roof in 4 locations if selected as an option. The other auxiliary points only have bare wires.

Parts numbers are:
• DTP06-2S (male housing, female pins) with wedgelock (2S means two sockets for the DTP06 plug).
• DTP04-2P (female housing with male pins) with wedgelock (2P means two plugs for the DTP04 plug).
• 0460-204-12141 Pin Contacts (male) (pins only).
• 10462-203-12141 Socket Contacts (female) (sockets only).

The male housing is the one you need to wire for your auxiliary equipment.

See this link for purchasing the plugs.